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Snow Removal Policy

Stonelick Township maintains over 53 lane miles of roads, and over two dozen dead end roads, and  cul-de-sacs. Our first priority is to make the roads safe for the traveling public. The Road Supervisor is responsible for initiating and monitoring this activity. 


This generally means one pass in each direction on all streets and cul-de-sacs and applying traction control (salt) on curves and hills as a first pass. Then, the equipment will make additional passes to push the snow back to the road’s edge and maybe off the shoulder, and then clean out cul-de-sacs. During heavy snow periods this may not occur for one or two days after the snowfall. This allows the crews a chance to rest. 


Snow plowing is often done at night when vehicle traffic and personal activities are lightest.


If you have a problem with snow removal or slippery roads, call the Road Supervisor. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page of the website. 


Several things can be done by Township residents to facilitate better plowing.


Do not park vehicles on the roadway or shoulder until the snow has been pushed off the roadway. In the case of steep driveways or driveways filled with snow, park at the end of the drive but off the road. Cul-de-sacs should also be free of vehicles. If a car is parked on a roadside or cul-de-sac we may not finish plowing that street, but return several hours or maybe even a day later to complete the work. 


Similarly, garbage and recycling containers should not be placed or left on the roadway during a snowfall. The Township suggests not placing containers on the roadway. Even with these precautions, containers on the roadway may be struck by snow moving equipment or cause the street to not be completely plowed for several days.


 When shoveling/clearing your driveway, to minimize the snow plow’s packing of snow into your driveway, either leave the last six feet of your driveway uncleared, or clear the roadway half way across and the ten feet before the driveway. Leaving six feet of snow at the end of your driveway will allow the snow being pushed by the plow to remain on the plow and not be dumped onto your driveway. If you clear the snow from the roadway and along your property there will be little snow on the plow when the plow crosses your driveway. Similar clearing ahead of a mailbox will help to prevent snow from packing against the mailbox. 


Traction control is the application of salt  for better traction. The materials and their application are expensive, and may be harmful to grasses growing along the roadway.. However, if a roadway is slippery and a hazard please call the Road Supervisor as noted above.



Mailbox Policy

A properly installed and maintained mailbox will withstand snow removal operations. If improperly placed, the front face of the mailbox extends past the back edge of pavement into the road/street. Chances are, the mailbox could be hit by the plow. In the event your properly placed mailbox is down, you may call

(513) 732-3299.

In order to provide fair and uniform resolution to incidents involving mailboxes damaged by a Township snow plow the Stonelick Township Trustees adheres to the following policy concerning repair/replacement of mailboxes:


  • Snow being thrown by the plow can significantly impact a mailbox and cause damage. There is nothing that can be done from snow being thrown from the plow blade. Mailboxes must be securely fastened to a sturdy post anchored in the ground to resist the impact of thrown snow. No mailbox or post will be considered for replacement if the post shows dry rot or is otherwise unstable or was placed too close to the roadway. 


  • If a mailbox becomes damaged in the process of snow removal operations, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to repair or replace the box, UNLESS a township vehicle physically strikes the box. Most mailboxes are damaged from the weight of the snow or slush thrown from the plow. Even at slow speeds, the snow from a plow can damage your mailbox. Therefore, the township will not be responsible for these damages. If you believe a truck is directly responsible for any mailbox damage, call Stonelick Township at (513) 732-3299.


  • Mailboxes that are confirmed damaged by the Township plows will be replaced with a standard township mailbox ( not at the value of the current mailbox ). There will be no exceptions to this replacement Policy. Your patience and understanding of snow removal operations is greatly appreciated and we will do our best to ensure all remain open and passable throughout the winter.


  • Remember: Check your mailboxes and make sure they are properly placed and ready for winter and comply with the postal regulations.

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