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Stonelick Township Cemetery

Effective: June 15, 2023


Cemetery Rates 
Township Resident: $650.00 each
Non-Township Resident: $1,500.00 each

Corner Markers: Two markers are included in the cost of grave. Additional markers are $50.00 each.


Weekday: $750.00
Saturday: $1,000.00
Infant: $300.00
Interment of Ashes
Weekday: $300.00
Saturday: $450.00


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 9:00 am to 2:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

There will be no interment on Sundays, holidays, or holiday weekends.
All arrangements must be coordinated through the Cemetery Sexton.
The Sexton must be notified at least 72 hours before interment.



Weekday burials are an additional $75.00 per hour after 2:30 pm.
Saturday burials are an additional $75.00 per hour after 1:00 pm.


Vault: $2,000.00
Urn: $500.00



Foundations are priced at $0.55 per square inch. This is based on length +2” and width of +2”.

Veteran Marker: No Charge

Foundations will be installed based on scheduling conditions twice a year. No foundations will be
poured when the ground is frozen. All foundations will be installed at the discretion of the Board of
Trustees. Foundations of new graves are not poured until at least six months before burial to allow
for settling. The settling of each grave site will be evaluated for proper installation.


Stonelick Township Board of Trustees
PO Box 37, 457 S. Broadway
Owensville, OH 45160

     STONELICK TOWNSHIP CEMETERY                               REGULATIONS

   1. The cemetery is open from Sunrise to Sunset everyday.

   2. There will be no interment on Sundays, Holidays or Holiday Weekends.

              - Only one interment per day.

   3. A cemetery fee schedule, subject to change, for grave lots and services is


   4. Mausoleums are not allowed in the cemetery.


   5. No debris shall be deposited in the cemeteries except in designated trash

   6. Decorations:

             - Trees, bushes, shrubs, vines, decorative stone, and landscape timbers are
                not permitted.
             - Glass items such as vases, jars, etc. are not permitted, as they present a
                danger to our employees. Christmas decorations must be removed by
                March 1.
              - Memorial Day and special holiday decorations may remain for two weeks
                 after the holiday.
              - After March 31 or two weeks after any holiday (other than Christmas),
                cemetery personnel will discard, without notice, all remaining decorations.
              - Artificial flowers are permitted year-round.
              - Any flower or decoration deemed unsightly will be removed and discarded.
                Any objects that are determined by the cemetery sexton to be obstructing
                the general maintenance of the cemetery shall be removed without notice.
              - Flowers and receptacles will be removed from graves five days after
              - During grass cutting season, March 31 to October 31, all decorations,
                  flowers, and receptacles must be affixed to the monument.
              - All flowers and receptacles found on the ground will be removed.
              - Shepherd’s hooks are prohibited.

   7. Benches / Grave Monuments / Other Markers

                - Memorial benches must be approved by the cemetery sexton. Benches of
                   wrought iron or concrete must be set on a permanent foundation.

                - Grave markers not purchased through a monument company must be
                   approved by the cemetery sexton or Stonelick Township Board of Trustees
                   prior to installation.
                - Each grave monument shall be placed on an approved foundation.
                - All foundations shall be poured by the Stonelick Township Maintenance
                   Department or a monument company and are paid for by the purchaser.

    8. The following are not allowed in the cemetery and shall be disposed of without

                - The planting of live flowers, plants, shrubs, bushes, vines, trees, or any
                   type of plants or grass.
                - Flower beds or flower boxes, decorative fences, trellis, arbors, or anything
                  else that is not specifically identified as being permitted.

   9. The Township will not be responsible for any of the following:

               - Accidents which may occur on the cemetery grounds.
               - Theft or damage to personal property not owned by the Township.
               - Theft or damage to monuments, military flag holders, markers, and stones
                  caused in the ordinary care of the cemetery or by vandalism.
               - Disputes between surviving family members as to lot ownership rights.
               - Disputes involving the location of the deceased on the lot.

   10.Burials are subject to the following requirements:

             - All grave openings and closings must be ordered through and paid for by
                the funeral director.
             - Burial of cremation ashes may be ordered by individuals.

   11. The above regulations are effective immediately.



            Any questions regarding the rules please contact our office at (513) 732-3299

                                                       Monday - Thursday
                                                        9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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