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Right of Way Information

* Township Right of Way 30 feet

* County Road Right of Way 40 feet

* State Road Right of Way 50 feet

The public right of way or easement is the right to use over land or real estate property of another. It is land reserved for a street, walkway, or other public use. The right of way is often described as the right to use the land of another for a special purpose. Unlike a lease, an easement does not give the holder a right of “possession” of the property, only a right of use. Rule of Thumb - Telephone poles are placed within one (1) foot of the right of way.

Several items may occupy space within the right of way such as sidewalks, street lights, traffic signals, fire hydrants and storm sewers. Public utilities may also be within the right of way.

Stonelick Township requires that you must obtain permission prior to the start of any excavation within the right of way. This includes curb gutter, storm drainage, sewer tie-ins, water main tie-ins, street construction and/or repairs, and road cut.

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